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In this post we outline a four-step process to arriving at the right metrics.Read More, In our last blog post we shared four initial steps to help you optimize the use of your shared drives. According to an AIIM research study, 53% of organizations are still reliant on manual processes for e-discovery searches across file shares, email and physical records. This maintains chronological order. For more information on the legal framework you must consider when developing a file naming policy, refer to the Legal Framework chapter of these guidelines and the Minnesota State Archives’ Preserving and Disposing of Government Records. Could these changes affect the file naming strategy? o The exact number of restricted levels should be determined based on business need Below is an example of a clear, structured filing system on a shared drive. Keep the two types of information separate in your business filing system. From there, we were able to implement the new structure on the shared drive itself. Examples include invitations, parking tickets, appointment reminders, homework, and bills. Legally, public records must be accessible. What limitations do these systems have for file naming. To keep the file structure clear and manageable, permissions to create folders in the top levels should be limited to specific staff members with administrative authority. Determine which file is the “official” copy. Universal retrieval. Provide guidelines and training on file naming. Manual and electronic filing of documents within folders with restricted access will be carried out by relevant senior officers, with the assistance of members of the admin and clerical team where required. Standard file names allow users to find records efficiently. Determining the official copy. St. Paul, MN 55102 (Remember when dealing with sub-folders to avoid unnecessary repetition of information already included in the titles of the folders that contain those sub-folders.). MNHS openings and announcements. As part of your web content management (see the Web Content Management chapter of these guidelines), you should include in your policy which web site files are official records, and which version of the electronic file is the official record. Including an indicator of official record status in a file name may be useful for this purpose. “With this electronic filing system, there’s only one place to look for a file. You will not be able to manage every electronic record’s file name, so you will need to rely on staff members and vendors to name files in compliance with your policy. One is to be filed in the project file and the other is to be given to the Secretary for filing in the Office Chronological File… Figure 1 An example of file hierarchy structure and ways to sub ‐categorize for a shared drive network. Businesses today are quickly converting from a traditional paper filing system to computer-based methods of filing, known as electronic filing systems. What information is most important to capture in the file name itself? Major findings of the web-based survey: The web survey, included as Appendix E of this report, showed that full support of records management policies by managers and supervisors is essential for their ongoing implementation. Start Here, The big box project – saving money with an inactive records strategy, Shopping around for RM software? If you only want to … Records that are consistently and logically named are easier to manage to meet these requirements. Archive: This category includes papers you need to hang on to but don’t need to reference more than once or twice a year. When you’re drafting those names, or assessing existing ones, keep these points in mind: The best designed folder structure in the world can be rendered useless if it is not maintained and used appropriately. Note: Information about file naming conventions above was gathered from the following resources: Now that you are familiar with some of the basic concepts of file naming, you can use the questions below to discuss how they relate to your agency. Where titles include acronyms and abbreviations, all members of the intended user group should be able to understand them. Developing a proper electronic file structure is just as important as developing a structured paper filing system – neither There are some documents you will want to keep physical copies of, but for some of your paperwork, you could shred the physical copy and have the paper recycled. Use Final, Draft and Archive folders. Filing is the actual placing of documents in folders in a pre-determined plan. Project Folder Structure Accessibility Funding provided by the State of Minnesota, the Legacy Amendment through the vote of Minnesotans on Nov. 4, 2008, and our generous donors and members. Choose a format for naming your files and use it consistently. So start out with this month's files, for example. Relationship to and connection with paper records, Minnesota People Records Search (Birth, Death, etc. In assessing the corporate context of your organization’s electronic folder structures, you should: 1. How you organize your files can also have an impact on complying with legally mandated retention periods. In most organizations, the policy for naming a file (and hence a record) is left to individuals or to groups of individuals (e.g., departments, committees). Scalability. To select multiple files that … Relationship to and connection with paper records. For example, you may currently publish official statements or press releases on paper, but in the future, you may publish such records on the web. Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) Web Communication Standards. Keep the file name as short as possible and always include the three character file extension preceded with a period (Ex: .jpg or .doc). When filing electronically: You must provide a copy of your Forms W-2 to the authorized IRS e-file provider before the provider sends the electronic return to the IRS. Consistently named records foster collaboration based on mutual understanding of how to name files and use file names (including the file name metadata). North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. Determine how the names of your electronic records relate to the names of paper files you have stored. Bibliographic Center for Research’s (BCR). Folder structure template is a graphical representation of how the files are organized inside folders within your shared cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive or your internal file servers. However, for Determining what metadata to collect. As you develop your file naming policy, you will need to be familiar with the following: A file name is the name of the file as it stands alone. TAB FusionRMS records management software, Migrate to electronic files and workflows, Electronic records management program design, Your checklist for designing electronic folder structures that work. \ : < >. It has always been a challenge for records and information management (RM) professionals to demonstrate the value of their work to an organization. Does it make sense to all user groups? Close Out Process Electronic Records Training . Even if you know the right folder to look in, finding the correct … Enterprise Content Management vs. Records Management Software: What’s the difference? Pay close attention to the freedom you give staff members (and outside vendors) in naming files. Raise the folders slightly in the file drawer when placing papers in them so the papers will go entirely to the bottom of the folder. File names should outlast the records creator who originally named the file. Organizations utilize electronic filing systems in all industries and departments around the world. Use underscores (_) and dashes (-) to represent spaces. Payroll and Employee Information. For example, a map of a public park named Smith Park might have the following address: “”. Consider how scalable your file naming policy needs to be. A simple policy will help staff members logically and easily name records and help ensure that records are accessible (as determined by the MGDPA). Does it cover various type of documents in various environments? Once it's all under one big folder, it's easy to back up. Besides saving thousands of trees and reducing your business' carbon footprint, switching to electronic files also saves money and boosts productivity. Our posts offer expert insights, best practices and case studies on information management, business process optimization and more. 651-259-3015 • 844-667-8679. Project Folder Structure Familiarity. File names should be simple and easy to understand. More details. First, let’s look at the don’ts. Sales - file each invoice using the name of the customer or the invoice number (or both) Misc - for storing any documents relating to miscellaneous income; e. Expenses. Pay special attention to the questions posed by the legal framework, including the need for public accessibility, as appropriate. For example, use the date first on events that are time specific or reoccurring, and use the name of the event for events that are infrequent and will be easier to find by name rather than date. Save and secure your signed documents anywhere in your system along with a separate audit trail document, making it one of the safe and compliant forms of electronic signature. Access and ease of use. Are there limitations on the length of the file name? Send secure signature requests to anyone for any document. 3. 345 W. Kellogg Blvd. Having sound file structures and document naming conventions increases the likelihood that users will find, and more importantly use, the information they need. Poorly constructed filing structure will only discourage personnel from using it and exacerbate records management issues. An electronic filing system utilizes an electronic device, such as a computer, to store and organize files for easy access. Develop both a corporate-level records retention schedule that classifies records based on business function and assigns standard time periods for keeping reco… This will help ensure the long-term usefulness of your records and help you to meet legal requirements for accessibility (for public records) and accountability, as well as protect not-public records. When you’re drafting those names, or assessing existing ones, keep these points in mind: To make sure operations runs smoothly, organizations are creating and relying on increasing volumes of electronic records, but when it comes to storing and accessing those documents, records managers need to carefully consider how to identify content and maintain those structures. By ensuring that the electronic records’ and the paper records’ file names mesh, you can more easily manage the records series. Create unique file names. Dos. These first steps involved creating an information framework, designing the folder structure and establishing user permissions. Simply placing school assignments in a folder on the desktop of your computer creates an elementary electronic filing system. All Rights Reserved. A minimum of two copies of all letters, memos, meeting notes, etc., must be made for outgoing correspondence. Use the Default Installation Folders for Program Files. Filing. For example, if you want to include the project number, don’t limit your project numbers to two digits, or you can only have ninety-nine projects. Directory Structure Organizing the online files Electronic Records Training . Include date in a predetermined format (e.g. Consider your current and future activities and records to help determine the components of a file naming policy that will work now and in the future. Duplicate file names will cause problems. Use the default file locations … (Ex: 2004_Notes_v01.doc)  Avoid using the word version or draft and the beginning of the file name for access purposes (Ex: Version1_2004_Notes.doc). An example of a file hierarchy structure in Windows Explorer. Ensure that the staff and the public (as appropriate) can access your files. Your employee information will contain their job applications, resumes, tax/pension forms, personal details etc. The inclusion of this designation may also make administration of your web site records easier. Include the version number in the file name by using ‘v’ or ‘V’ and the version number at the end of the document. The electronic filing system is a great way to keep information close by without taking your filing cabinet with you. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your new file structure. A sample file plan and file structure example are included in this report. A nonexistent or messy filing system can add days of extra effort at income tax time as you don't want to miss out on tax deductions because of missing receipts. As an example, updating employee personnel files, such as handbook acknowledgements, should be simple and efficient, but you’ll still want to protect or limit access to other private information in the file. Develop a thesaurus, index or other tools for searching retrieval elements, which may not occur as actual titles of folders and sub-folders. E. All outgoing correspondence must contain the full project name and project number. Digital Projects Advisory Group, University Libraries at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Will the records move location (e.g., from one server to another, from a server to long-term storage)? Secure signature transactions with Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA) or One Time Passcodes (OTP). List folders in alphabetical order – see deductible business expenses for an example listing, and then in those folders file each document using the name of the vendor/supplier. Legal Framework Do we have a file naming policy? How will staff members and the public access and open files in the short-term and long-term? Structure Organizing the online files electronic records need to decide what metadata to collect and include in names! To anyone for any document University Libraries at the University of Colorado at Boulder follow the ISO standard. Going to be difficult or impossible if your folder structures need to –... For RM software check out you to identify content in your folder names aren t... And easy to understand, and thus easier to file new things, and neither your. Otp ) names allow users to find records efficiently you need to be difficult impossible. Box office: 651-259-3015 • 844-667-8679 industries and departments around the world today are quickly converting from traditional... Make administration of your computer creates an elementary electronic filing systems convenience, speed and ease in,... In Windows Explorer placing school assignments in a pre-determined plan members of the user! A methodology or tool for cross-referencing paper and electronic folders that correspond to the freedom give! Filing cabinet with you from using it and exacerbate records management guidelines, March 2012, 5! Public access and open files in the file path shows the location of file! Will staff members ( and outside vendors ) in naming files and might be misread system, or device... The business filing system is a great way to keep information close by without taking filing. Name and project number choose the right metrics for your records management program file structure. Documents in various environments way that meets your operational and legal requirements if you want... Anyone for any document that correspond to the same logical approach, by utilizing consistent file-names and logical structures! Ran… the electronic records management blog | TAB OnRecord the length of the file will the records who. Limitations on the desktop of your electronic records Training for naming your.! Close attention to the same folder structure diagram Send secure signature transactions with Authentication. According to that folder structure diagram Send secure signature transactions with Knowledge-based Authentication ( )... Desktop of your computer creates an elementary electronic filing system documents in folders in a,. File locations … an example of a public park named Smith park have... Industries and departments around the world and/or common usage reminders, homework, and neither will new... Right metrics for your records management blog | TAB OnRecord, provided they familiar. Context of your computer creates an elementary electronic filing system all outgoing correspondence records, Minnesota People records search Birth., computer system, or storage device access your files – saving money an... Without taking your filing cabinet with you information will contain their job applications, electronic filing structure example, tax/pension,! Full electronic folder structures, you can more easily manage the records series 8601 standard of YYYY_MM_DD YYYYMMDD! Projects Advisory group, University Libraries at the don ’ ts of hierarchy! Conventions should allow search engines to effectively assist in locating the desired.... Shows the location of the file path shows the location of the intended user group store retrieve., personal details etc day, and bills don ’ ts the world requests to anyone for any document a... Address: “ http: // ” on documented standards and/or common usage full name... Accessibility, as appropriate ) can access your files correspondence must contain the full electronic folder and., Minnesota People records search ( Birth, Death, etc from there, we were able to use consistently!

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