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Additional Resources

Firefighter Functional Fitness

Additional Resources

Like our book, our online program will give firefighters the tools, knowledge, and resources to optimize their fireground performance and career longevity. As we continue to develop the program, we wanted to provide our readers with Firefighter Functional Fitness podcasts, articles, and videos.

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“Introduction to Firefighter Functional Fitness: An Interview with the Authors”

“5-Alarm Task Force: Firefighter Functional Fitness”

“The Professional Volunteer Fire Department: Firefighter Functional Fitness”

Resource #2 – ARTICLES

“Firefighter Functional Fitness: 4 Tips for Getting Started”

“7 Tips for Planning your Weekly Workouts”

“8 Must-do Exercises”

“10 Key Principles for Losing Weight and Staying Thin”

“TOP 10 Fire Station Functional Fitness Training Equipment – Part 1”

For many more Firefighter Functional Fitness articles, head to FirefighterToolbox.com.

Resource #3 – VIDEOS

Come back soon to check out sample videos from The Big 8 Concept.