About the Authors

Dan Kerrigan

Dan is a career chief officer, published fitness author and presenter on the local and national levels. A passionate firefighter health and wellness advocate, he works with the IAFC, NFFF, and NVFC in efforts to reduce health-related LODD’s. He is a Russian kettlebell instructor and uses Firefighter Functional Fitness to achieve optimal performance.

Jim Moss

Jim Moss is a career fire officer, certified personal trainer, and published fitness author. He is a passionate advocate of firefighter fitness and wellness on the local and national levels. He trains, writes, and teaches firefighters how to optimize their physical performance, careers, and lives through Firefighter Functional Fitness.

About The Publisher

Firefighter Toolbox

Firefighter Toolbox is on a mission to build better firefighters and leaders.

Firefighter Toolbox is a resource and a community for firefighters and leaders who realize that they need to continually learn and train to maximize their God-given potential and honor the calling. Firefighter Toolbox is for those who pursue excellence and for those who constantly seek improvement. It is also for firefighters who want to share and learn ideas, best practices, and strategies from fellow firefighters for the ever-evolving field of firefighting.

Firefighter Toolbox is for firefighters & leaders who want to be the best they can be today and it is for those who are training to be tomorrow’s leaders. It is also for those who know how important it is to be safe and ready when they are called upon.

Be safe, be ready, and remember that “Every Day Is Training Day!”

-The Firefighter Toolbox Team

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