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Firefighter Functional Fitness

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Book Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Author Audio Interview:

Tips for getting started and staying motivated with Firefighter Functional Fitness 

On the Audio:  David J Soler, Dan Kerrigan, Jim Moss

Listen in to David Soler of the Firefighter Toolbox Podcast interview the authors of Firefighter Functional Fitness (Dan Kerrigan and Jim Moss) as they share tips and insights on how to optimize firefighter performance and longevity.

They specifically share tips on getting started and staying motivated with your health and fitness, including your functional fitness.


Bonus #2 – Special Report:

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Firefighters Make with their Fitness

Dan Kerrigan and Jim Moss share the 10 biggest mistakes that firefighters make with their fitness, and how to avoid them.  With illustrations by Paul Combs, this report also shares vital tips on how to improve firefighter fitness, health, and nutrition.

Bonus #3 – Special Report:

What Every Firefighter Must Know About NFPA 1583

NFPA 1583 is the Standard for Health-Related Fitness Programs for Fire Department Members.  The authors share what NFPA 1583 is, why it is critical for every firefighter to know, and how to implement it within your fire department.

Bonus #4 – Next Steps

Thank you for purchasing Firefighter Functional Fitness and for making your health and fitness a priority.  The next steps are to:

  1. Read the book, highlight it, and take notes.
  2. Integrate specific exercises from The Big 8 into your fitness routine.
  3. Integrate appropriate amounts of rest to maximize your recovery from Chapter 13 – Pillar 2: Recovery and Rest.
  4. Make your hydration a priority by following our recommendations from Chapter 14 – Pillar 3: Hydration.
  5. Make daily and weekly improvements in your nutrition by adopting the principles found in Chapter 15 – Pillar 4: Nutrition and Lifestyle.


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